How Do You Get Bedbugs?

Dugas Pest Control provides extermination services for Bed bugs in Louisiana Few things cause the level of revulsion elicited by the bedbug. This small, blood-sucking creature is one that has not only invaded our homes, but they are now found in high-end hotels, offices, public transportation systems, and even in business offices. Anyone can fall prey to these hardy bugs, and it is important to know what you may be doing that can result in an infestation in your home.

How They Invade Your Home

While many believe that an infestation of these pests is due to unclean or unsanitary conditions, this is simply not the case. The richest among us can fall victim to bedbugs due to their ability to hitch a ride on virtually anything. While they tend to take up residence in your beds, they can also hide in your clothing, which allows them to end up virtually anywhere in your home. They are also known to travel through vents, which greatly widens their potential hiding spots.

Bedbugs are often carried from one location to another in luggage, purses, and backpacks. If you visit someone that has them, an action so mundane and simple as setting your purse on the floor can be all it takes to end up with an infestation of your very own. They are also small enough to ride in the treads of your shoes, and if your coat is hanging in a darkened area, they might find your pocket an interesting place to hide.

Hotels, Shelters, and Motels

Another way that many get bedbugs is by staying in a hotel room or shelter that has a problem with them. The sheer number of people who enter and exit these facilities makes it very easy for these pests to transfer themselves from one person to the next. It is also important to understand that these critters will hide anywhere, including behind picture frames, in the furniture, and anywhere else they can find. This means that even though you may not see them when you check the mattress, there may still be some hiding somewhere, just waiting for the lights to go out so they can make a meal out of you.


There are some things you can do if you are visiting someone with a potential problem, or if you have to stay in a motel or hotel during your travels. Taking these precautions before you leave can eliminate major headaches later.

When you are planning on traveling, one of the first things you should do if you have to stay in a hotel is to check reviews online. If others have found these pests somewhere, you better believe they will leave a review about it. While this is not 100% foolproof, a bit of research will help you decide where you shouldn’t stay.

When packing, take the time to seal all of your belongings in baggies that you can seal shut. Make sure you zip the bag closed tightly, and only get in them when you need something – making sure to close it back immediately. If possible, you should also make sure your luggage has hard sides, or at the very least no large seams where bugs can hide.

You should also try to make sure that you only pack items that can be washed in hot water when you return. This should be the first thing you do when you make it back home, as allowing your bags to sit overnight will give any unwanted passengers plenty of time to take up residence elsewhere in your home.

While bedbugs are difficult to get rid of, understanding that they truly can be anywhere will help you take better action. If despite your best efforts, you do end up with them in your home, a pest control professional is your best option to get rid of them. The pest professionals at Dugas Pest Control can deal with any bedbug problem you have quickly and efficiently, letting you get back to enjoying your pest-free lifestyle. Give us a call at (888) 606-9282 to schedule an inspection or get an estimate today.

How Do You Get Bedbugs? in Louisiana

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