How is Bioremedial Foam Treatment Different than Other Pest Control Treatments Used in Restaurants?

Dugas Pest Control provides extermination services for restaurantsRestaurants have a lot of options when it comes to pest control. These measures literally help keep flies out of the soup. But considering the wide range of options, what makes Bioremediation Foam Treatments different than other treatments?

Bioremedial Foam Treatments works on the basis of microbes ridding the environment of waste. Not only do these “good” microbes exclude pests from an environment, but they also target unpleasant smells. This means that Bioremediation helps get rid of pests, keeps them from coming back, and gets rid of the smell they bring around with them.

Want to know the best part about Bioremedial treatments? They’re totally environmentally-friendly, unlike alternative treatments that can reap havoc on your food safety rating!

What are typical pest control treatments?

  • Exclusion treatments – these treatments aim at keeping pests out
  • Sanitation treatments – these treatments make environments less attractive for pests to live in
  • Pest control chemicals
  • Baits

How are alternative treatments damaging?

Unlike Bioremedial Foam Treatment, alternative treatments can often create a harmful environment, which we all know isn’t acceptable in restaurants. There’s also the risk of inadequate pest control, which just nullifies the efforts in the first place. Fumigation for one uses lethal gasses and involves a treatment time of at least 6 hours. Sanitation treatments expose everyone inside of the establishment to dangerous chemicals, and baits or exclusion tactics that don’t confront the issues in their entirety can cause contamination issues.

How is Bioremedial Foam Treatment Different than Other Pest Control Treatments Used in Restaurants? in Louisiana

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