How Termites Can Make You Sick

It's common to discover mold when you discover termites in your Baton Rouge LA - Dugas Pest ControlA termite infestation can cause any property owner a lot of problems. In addition to being one of the most destructive insects, termites can be costly and dangerous for a number of reasons. Although termites don’t carry and spread diseases in the same way other pests do, a serious infestation can make you sick. This is due to the mold associated with significant termite infestations. If you have a termite problem in your Baton Rouge home, mold often is also discovered due to the decay of wood.

Needless to say, mold can put you and your family at risk of becoming sick. The experts at Dugas are here to share all you need to know about the association between termites and mold problems in your property.

Do Termites Cause Mold?

Termite infestations and mold often go hand in hand because they’re both typically a consequence of rotting or decaying wood. Both termites and mold require dead wood to survive, which is why they tend to inhabit the same structures. Termites and mold thrive in moist conditions with an abundance of cellulose, which is why both problems are typically discovered at the same time. However, termites do not cause the mold themselves. When you discover termites in your home, it’s simply common to also discover mold.

The Dangers of Mold & Termites

Mold is a fungus that forms in damp conditions, often in the aftermath of a leak or flood but occasionally just when the wood is in decay. The reason why mold is so dangerous is that it releases spores into the air that can contaminate your indoor air quality. In turn, mold is infamous for contributing to respiratory conditions, including wheezing, and triggering asthma attacks. Mold in your home can lead to unsafe living conditions for you and your family. If you discover a termite problem, it’s best to also have your home inspected for possible mold or fungus issues.

Protect Your Family From Termites & Mold

No homeowner wants to deal with either termites or mold, let alone both at the same time! The best way to protect your Louisiana property is to team up with your local termite control experts. Dugas can keep you safe from termites year-round, protecting your family from mold and other termite-related problems.

How Termites Can Make You Sick in Louisiana

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