Termites: When You Need Professional Help

Dugas Pest Control provides termite treatment and extermination service in New Orleans and Baton Rouge LouisianaIf cells are the building blocks of life, then consider cellulose as the building block of wood.

Unfortunately, termites absolutely love to feed on cellulose. They prefer to feed on natural living things that contain cellulose, such as tree stumps, limbs, and branches. They also love to eat building materials that are made of cellulose materials, such as structural wood foundation, wooden furniture, and wooden fixtures. This is why termites should not only be a cause of concern for the private homeowner; these pests should also be a concern for business owners who own a building establishment and want to preserve it for a long time.

You Need Help When These Termites Infest Your Business

There are four types of termites that can wreak havoc to your office building or business establishment:

  • Dampwood – Dampwood termites live in places that contain high moisture content. These kind of termites are rarely found inside a building, because it does not contain enough moisture or water content. And if indeed they can be found inside a building, they are most likely living near where the water source is, such as leaky plumbing. They are larger in size compared to the other types of termites, and do not have to be in contact with the soil in order to survive. Dampwood termites are usually found in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Drywood – Unlike dampwood termites, drywood termites need minimal moisture. Their main source of food is cellulose from wood. They can tolerate very dry conditions for an extended period of time because they live off from the water that comes from the digestion of cellulose. They find homes among dead trees, stored lumber, structural timbers, or hardwood floors, which is why they cause severe damage to both homes and commercial buildings that are made of wood.

Drywood termites are smaller than subterranean termites, so the damage they can cause is at a much slower rate than the latter. They swarm in early spring and summer, and can be found in humid states such as California, Hawaii, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

  • Subterranean – Subterranean termites can nest on the soil and wet wood to get the moisture they need. If the wood material they want to infest is not attached to soil, they will build mud tunnels in order to reach the above-ground wood.

Infestation by subterranean termites can be devastating to a building’s foundation because there can be as many as 1,000,000 termites within a colony. Subterranean termites can be found all throughout the US except in Alaska, although they are rare in colder states. They are usually found within the humid and tropical regions of the US.

  • Formosan – Formosan termites are a kind of subterranean termites that live underneath the ground. As their name implies, Formosan termites originated from China and Taiwan, and entered the US mainland through military ships during the 1940s.

Formosan termites are the most dangerous kind of termites because they form the largest colony of up to a million members and can cause structural damage to a building in a short period of time. What makes Formosan subterranean termites dangerously lethal is that they can chew their way through thin sheets of metal, PVC pipes, and electric power lines just to get through to the cellulose material that is on the other side. They are mostly found in the southern part of the US, including Louisiana.

The Commercial Treatment Difference

Hiring a pest control company that offers commercial services is useful because they offer a comprehensive range of treatments suited for a business. A company that offers basic pest control services can be enough to accommodate a residential client’s concern, but might not be able to fully meet the needs and demands of a commercial client.

When hiring a full-service pest control company, the job doesn’t end with the pest being eradicated. The client is also educated on how to prevent pests from entering their building in the future, and follow ups from the pest control company are expected to fully ensure the building remains pest-free.

Professional Treatments

These treatments are exclusively offered by professionals.

  • Sentricon – Available exclusively from professionals, Sentricon works by placing baits all around the termites’ underground mud tunnels. The bait is a chitin synthesis inhibitor, which prevents the termites from moulting and causing their eventual death. When a termite comes into contact with the bait, it will share and pass the poison around with other termites within the colony.

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Termites: When You Need Professional Help in Louisiana

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