The Coastal Mister System: Your Mosquito Control Solution

If you ask a longtime resident what the state bird of Louisiana is, they’ll usually tell you that it’s the mosquito. In Louisiana and most other southern states, especially ones with a warm, humid climate and a lot of precipitation, like Louisiana and Florida, mosquitoes are as ubiquitous as they are annoying.

Prevention, and chiefly habitat destruction, is paramount to combating this nuisance. Of course you are residences vigilant around your property, but maybe the guy across the street who is running an unofficial junkyard thwarts your efforts. However, even if mosquitoes are everywhere, it doesn’t mean that they have to ruin your outdoor gatherings.

It can be confusing to distinguish between the hundreds of treatment solutions out there of all kinds for mosquitoes and other insects. One innovative, and particularly good, treatment we’ve found is called the Coastal Mister System, available from your local pest experts at Dugas Pest Control.

We get many questions from our clients about the Coastal Mister System – what makes it unique, how it works, and how effective it is at curbing the populations of mosquitoes in a wide area including New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

The Coastal Mister System

The Coastal Mister System takes a somewhat different approach to pest control than most mosquito treatments. Most treatments are focused on killing adult mosquitoes and then removing their breeding grounds. While effective, this is a more general approach.

The Coastal Mister System instead focuses on the areas where you spend the most time, preventing mosquitoes and other insects from reaching those and therefore reducing the majority of your contact with them. The system uses high-tech sensors and misting technology to repel mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and other pests from your home or place of business over a long period of time.

After the initial treatment, the Coastal Mister System uses a natural Pyrethrum insecticide that works to reduce their contact with you and your guests in the long run. Although it doesn’t treat breeding habitats that are distanced from your property, it doesn’t need to, because the protection is constant.

How it works

The Coastal Mister System is installed by setting up misters at regular intervals around your designated ‘bug-free zone.’ These dispense natural Pyrethrum insecticide over the area through misting lines, which are a series of tubes, nozzles, and risers that allow the insecticide to be released almost as a vapor rather than a liquid. This insecticide not only kills mosquitoes and other bugs that might be in the air, but also leaves residue on plants that are close by.

This means that more bugs that will use those plants for shelter will be affected by the insecticide. The system mists at regular intervals, meaning that the protection from the system is constant.

Mosquitoes spend a lot of their time living and breeding on plants and other locations near their sources of food, which means that the Coastal Mister System does a great job of curbing their populations.

The misting nozzles can be set up almost everywhere that they can connect to the rest of the system, too, meaning that you can attach them to trees, the side of your home, perimeter fencing, or a lot of other things.


A typical Coastal Mister System covers about 10,000 square feet of area around a home or workplace. A normal contract also includes inspection overviews and details for maintaining the low-mosquito populations that will be the result of installing the system.

The Coastal Mister System can be purchased in 6-12 month packaged deals, but it’s also available for a one-time-use such as a party or other gathering. Contact Dugas Pest Control to get rid of mosquitoes around your home today.

The Coastal Mister System: Your Mosquito Control Solution in Louisiana

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