Tips for Keeping Your Business Pest Free This Winter

The heat of summer is finally over and the pests seem to finally be at bay. The warm muggy nights no longer bring the bugs out and you can rest easier knowing that the worst of the bug season is over.\
Ironically, though the bugs are laying low for the winter, this is exactly the time that they will make their biggest appearance in your building. These pests, much like bears, are essentially hibernating right in your office.

Create a Barrier

Much like a fence provides the perfect deterrent to keep unwanted guests off your property, a mulch barrier can serve the same purpose toward pests. Mulch made of cedar and cypress repels many insects and will help discourage their lingering around your building, to begin with.

Screen Any Openings

If you have a space that a bug can fit through, then it will certainly make its way indoors. Cover any openings that you have with a fine mesh that doesn’t allow bugs through the holes, but still offers essential airflow.


One of the easiest ways to keep pests at bay, is to simply keep the area clean.

Vacuuming regularly can not only help keep the pests from being attracted to your space, but it can also clean up cobwebs, eggs and even the insects themselves.

Eliminating pests should include preventing the current ones from flourishing, as well. Be sure to clean out your vacuum filter every time to avoid an infestation inside your vacuum!

Alternative Housing

There are plenty of humane traps that you can purchase and set up throughout your business, or just outside on the property. If larger pests are a problem, it’d be best to hire a professional to collect them and take them away from your business to thrive somewhere else, away from you and your customers.

Keep Areas Dry

Insects tend to gravitate toward moist areas where there is ample opportunity for laying eggs and cozily growing a nest. Any amount of moisture can attract them to an indoor oasis, so check for leaky pipes, crevices that let in moisture from the outside, or even messy bathrooms and kitchens.

Keep everything dry and repair any parts that may provide a wet environment. If your business is in a particularly humid building then maybe invest in a dehumidifier, as well.

Seal Cracks and Crevices

If there is a crack or crevice then they will come. This includes gaps at the door but also around piping, gas lines, vents and even cables.

You can easily and effectively seal these cracks with caulking or spray foam. This will help block any potential entrances as well as help you with your efforts to keep your area warm and dry.

Keep Food Out of Sight

Just like us, bugs like food and water. Be sure to clean up any crumbs or food after eating so that there isn’t an incentive for the bugs to enter.

This also includes any spills, in general, that can leave an easy feeding ground for the insects, such as microwaves, coffee pots, and sinks where your employees take their dirty dishes. Post a note outlining a regular clean-out schedule for refrigerators as well so that mess is eliminated as much as possible.


If you happen to use firewood to warm your business, then be sure to store it away from your building. Firewood is the perfect home for insects with its many crevices and generally humid habitat. If placed right against your building, then you can be sure that the insects will make their way inside, as well.

Weather Stripping

Check the weather stripping currently in place around your windows and doors to make sure that the seal is good and that it isn’t cracked. If you find that it is coming apart in certain places, then replace it entirely to last for the whole winter.

Proper Drainage

Be sure that your gutter system is working properly so that any rainwater can be pulled away from the building. Remember that insects thrive in humid environments, and if there is moisture trapped in or around your building, then you are inviting the insects in!

If you have taken all of your precautionary steps and the pests are still around—because we understand how determined those cockroaches can be—give us a call at Dugas Pest Control. We can help check your building and make recommendations, as needed. Let us do our best work so that you can focus on your best work!

Tips for Keeping Your Business Pest Free This Winter in Louisiana

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