Wildlife Exclusion – The Secret Weapon in Pest Control

Dugas Pest Control provides humane wildlife trapping service in New Orleans and Baton Rouge LouisianaWhether you live in rural Louisiana or near an urban area, one thing that we all have to deal with is wildlife.

Even in cities and suburban neighborhoods, the south is full of animals like possums, raccoons, squirrels, and other rodents that don’t mind being around people.

The bad news is that because these pests are so used to people, they are also frequently found trying to make a home inside your home.

In order to get them out, and prevent them from doing it again, here at Dugas Pest Control we offer wildlife exclusion services.

What Exactly Is Wildlife Exclusion?

Wildlife exclusion is simply a fancy pest control industry term for getting rid of critters that could be living in your home. These animals typically make nests in the attic  or the crawlspaces, and they hunker down there to get out of the weather and have easy access to food.

Wildlife exclusion means that we trap and remove these animals, including:

  • Possums
  • Raccoons
  • Armadillos
  • And more

Your first instinct when you see animals like these living in your home is often to call the Department of Wildlife. But they do not offer any sort of pest animal removal except for alligators, so you’re on your own. That’s where we come in. 

Why Do You Need Wildlife Exclusion Services?

Maybe just having the nuisance of these wild animals in your home is enough to convince you to give us a call. But maybe you’re unsure why it really matters. If you can’t see or hear them, are they really that much of a nuisance?

Here are three good reasons why wildlife living in your home can be a problem:

  • First, they can cause major damage to your home. When these animals make nests in the crawlspace or attic, they can ruin electrical wiring, plumbing, or foundational material with chewing and other behaviors. By nesting to protect litters, rodents like these can cause damage to your home.
  • These pests can also present a danger to your family, especially small children who might not know better than to approach these animals, and anyone who tries to capture or “shoo” them out on their own. That is because many of these animals carry diseases. They can also attack if they feel threatened, which can cause serious injury.
  • Finally, these animals also present a danger to your pets for the same reason. If one of these animals feels threatened by a dog that has rooted them out, or if they feel like your cat, prowling through the attic for mice, presents a threat to their food source, they may attack and either injure your pet, or pass on a disease.

What Does Wildlife Exclusion Do?

The first and most important part of wildlife exclusion is to capture and remove any animals that are living in your home. Once removed, we then also block any areas where new critters could get inside.

We’ll do a thorough inspection of your home, the foundation, the roof, and other access points, and find the areas where these animals got inside. After blocking off these entrances, we’ll show you how to make sure your home stays wildlife-free.

Dugas Professionals Keep You Safe

Working with a local pest control company like Dugas means that your family’s safety, and your pets’ safety, is just as important to us as our own family’s well-being. If you are having trouble with wildlife in your home, contact us today to find out how we can quickly get rid of these pests, and stop them from getting back in, for good.

Wildlife Exclusion – The Secret Weapon in Pest Control in Louisiana

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