Mosquito Control

Guaranteed Mosquito Control

For Southern Louisiana from Dugas Pest Control

Mosquitoes can be a major annoyance for Louisiana residents, with their stinging and buzzing taking the fun out of the outdoors.

Mosquitoes also carry several illnesses, including the West Nile virus and Zika virus, both of which are spreading through the Southeast US.

If you are ready to eliminate your mosquito problems once and for all, it’s time to call Dugas Pest Control!

Our service area includes most of southern Louisiana including Baton Rouge, metro New Orleans, St. Tammany Parish and Lafayette.

We Offer 3 Flexible Solutions for Mosquito Problems!

Option #1 – Mosquito suppression treatment:

  • Reduce mosquito populations up to 90%
  • Great as a one-time for parties and events
  • Monthly misting of all vegetation around the home
  • 6-12 month annual programs available

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Option #2 – Automated Mosquito Misting Systems

  • Kills and repels mosquitoes around pools, patios, porches
  • Automated technology sprays for mosquitoes at pre-set time during the day
  • Easy maintenance & professional support available
  • Each system is custom designed for your home
  • Click here to read more about mosquito misting

Option #3 – Large Area Fogging

  • This is for commercial properties or industrial plants, campgrounds or neighborhoods
  • The fogging is done with one of our service trucks

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mosquito misting

Mosquito Suppression Treatment

mosquito spraying

Our mosquito suppression treatment process is going to reduce the amount of mosquitoes that you will see in your yard by around 90%!

When considering all the diseases that these insects carry with them, this means cutting down on your chances of coming into contact with this drastically.

How It Works

Our team of professionals will come into your yard and spray the solution, especially concentrating on the barriers of your property to ensure that no more mosquitoes are going to want to venture into your yard.

This is a one-time spray that often lasts for up to 21 days for most people.

However, the amount of time in which this will last really depends upon the amount of rain that is in the area.

How Long Does It Take?

In most cases, after the treatment, it is safe for you, your family, and any pets, to be in the yard within 30 minutes. This is because it is a quick drying treatment.

Our solution does not include chemicals that are going to affect the growth of your grass or any shrubbery that you may have nearby. We do have programs that will allow you to have your yard sprayed on special occasions or on a rotating basis to ensure that you never have to worry about mosquitoes again.

Large Area Fogging

Solutions for Businesses & Commercial Properties

Mosquitoes are not just a problem for those in residential areas. Those who own campgrounds, have commercial property or the like will find that mosquitoes can affect them just as much. That is where we recommend large area fogging. This type of treatment is very similar to our suppression treatment, with the benefit of being performed by our technicians in trucks, allowing them to cover more square footage of property.

Get Instant Relief

Businesses that opt for large area fogging often find that the mosquito issue they have is greatly improved after the first spraying. Though it is not a permanent fix by any means, this is going to give you great quality use out of your area, without the worry of mosquitoes.

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