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Pest Inspections in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Baton Rouge pests can be a tricky problem in the warm, humid environment of southern Louisiana.

A pest inspection may be needed when a pest such as an undesirable animal or insect has found its way into your home or business.

Purchasing a new home and want to make sure the new house is free of pests and termites?

A pest inspection can also make sure there is no hidden damage or infestations that the current homeowner has not disclosed or is not aware of.

Dugas Pest Control can help local Baton Rouge area residents inspect for signs of life before a serious problem occurs, which will save you money in the long-run with a no-obligation pest inspection.

When to Book a Pest Inspection

Dugas Pest Control offers pest inspections throughout the metro Baton Rouge area. We specialize in the unique architecture and climate conditions that present high levels of insects, rodents, termites and other localized pests in the Bayou State.

Inspections are also mandatory when buying or selling a home in Louisiana to ensure the property is up to grade.

Tell-tale signs of a possible infestation may include:

  • Finding an infestation – this may include eggs, maggots or actual bugs
  • A steady increase of pests in the home or in a localized area
  • If residents or pets, show signs of bites, irritation or increased allergies
  • If droppings or signs of damage to foods or pantries are found
  • If  walls sound hollow when knocked upon

What Happens During a Pest Control Inspection?

An inspection can last between 30 minutes to an hour and involves a qualified pest technical analyzing the home or specified area. They will check high-risk areas such as attics, crawlspaces, under porches and in areas where water or damp conditions may be present.

A report will be compiled for reference and will detail all findings. This may include previous pest control methods that have been applied and may confirm if the problem has been resolved or is likely to require further attention.

Some of the “must have” elements of a good pest inspection include:

  • Identification: The correct identification of the type of pests and an assessment of the level of infestation is critical to understanding what it will take to get the problem under control or repair the damage.  This includes making sure that preventative measures are taken to ensure the problem does not recur again.
  • Qualifications: A realtor or appraiser cannot conduct a pest inspection.  All pest control technicians conducting an inspection should be fully qualified and experienced.
  • A report of findings: This will include documentation on any recommended actions needed to provide an assessment of the situation, or in situations where there are no pests found – provide a clean bill of health.

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Dugas Pest Control in Baton Rouge serves both residents and businesses throughout southeastern Louisiana. When it comes to pest management, they are the number one solution to a greener, cleaner environment. Book a pest inspection today; be rid of the bugs tomorrow.