Dugas Pest Control provides extermination services for homes If you’re a homeowner, you probably take a lot of pride in your property. Unfortunately, homes are targeted by all types of pests throughout the year. With ample sources of food, shelter, and water indoors, houses are the ideal spot for insects, wildlife, and rodents. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to get rid of pests on your own, which is where the residential pest control experts at Dugas come in. We promise to keep your home pest-free throughout the year with regular inspections and preventative pest control treatments.

Home Pest Solutions

Effective pest management relies on regular inspection, maintenance, and prevention. The team at Dugas Pest Control specializes in custom treatments fit to suit the needs of your property. The following steps are included in our home pest control process:

  1. Property inspection:
    • One of our expert pest specialists will inspect your house for pests, signs of activity, and vulnerabilities that may lead to infestations. We will determine exactly where your pests are entering the home and any potential entryways.
  2. Pest control treatment:
    • Your specialist will implement a number of pest control treatments, including treating cracks and crevices, nests or trails, and applying bait in your home in a safe and discreet manner.
  3. Pest management plan:
    • We customize a treatment plan for your specific pest challenge. Our approach to preventative pest control combines inspection, identification, and exclusion techniques with the latest environmentally friendly products and materials.

Are Pests in my Home Dangerous?

Some pests are simply a nuisance, but others can cause structural damage or personal property damage. The costs of repairing damages from pest problems—such as termite and rodent infestations—can also quickly sky-rocket. In addition to property damage, certain pests carry and can transmit diseases; cockroaches and rodents, for example, have been tied to a number of illnesses. For these reasons, it’s crucial to enlist the help of a residential pest control expert to prevent pest problems.

Home Pest Control Plans

Whether you have a pest infestation or want to prevent one from ever happening, the residential pest control specialists at Dugas can help. By focusing on preventing pests before they infest your home, we are able to keep you and your family free of pests throughout the entire year. To learn more about how our residential exterminators can protect your home from pests, call us today!

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