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Where do Termites Live?

Termites have been found in every state in the nation except for Alaska. Most termite species prefer warmer climates with year-round mild temperatures, but they can easily adapt.

Different termite species thrive in different types of habitats, but they frequently find the ideal environment wherever they have access to cellulose. Some termites live in and need soil to survive, while others prefer to live in dry wood above the ground level. These wood-boring insects have been found living in walls, bathrooms, furniture, logs, and other wood sources found in or nearby properties.

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What is the Ideal Habitat for Termites?

Termite species all differ in their preference for wood.

  1. Subterranean and formosan termites all require regular contact with soil in order to survive. For this reason, they live underground and access wood sources by building mud tubes through which they travel.
  2. Drywood termites live in any habitat with sources of dry wood, which is why they are often found higher above ground in structures. They often nest deep inside of wood structures and eat across the grain.

What Termites Are Common in My Region?

Termites may be found all over the country, but different types of termites are active in different areas. They prefer warmer areas that provide them with humidity. In the southern states, including here in Louisiana, the most common termites include subterranean, formosan, and drywood types. In fact, nearly the entire nation deals with subterranean termites, which are the most common and most destructive termite dealt with by property owners everywhere.

Termites in Baton Rouge LA

Eastern subterranean, drywood, and formosan termites have all been reported in our state. Unfortunately, our region is a haven for these wood-boring insects to actively reproduce at any time, making termite infestations a constant threat to homeowners. Termites can live in a number of wood structures as well as any area with soil, so it’s important to stay vigilant about checking for signs of termites.

Where Do Termites Live? in Louisiana

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